Kom geniet met Vriende en Familie en Fans en luister na julle Gunsteling Suid-Afrikaanse Sangers

by RADIO SAM - Suid-Afrikaanse musiek ,
Egte Suid-Afrikaanse Musiek. Ons bring Suid Afrika nader aan julle. Waarom alleen maar verlang na wat jy agter gelaat het, kom kuier saam, sing dans en geniet!

Come and enjoy with your friends and family and fans
and listen to your Favorite Afrikaans Singers and Afrikaans Music at RADIO SAM - SOUTH AFRICAN MUSIC

True Afrikaans MUSIC . We bring South Africa closer to you.
What you left behind ,
Come and have fun , Sing Dance and have Fun


Music is something to which everyone admires and loves invariably. Irrespective of culture, tradition and political boundaries it is music that binds every human being and provides great mental satisfaction. Anyone, invariably around the globe loves some form of music and its wonderful enjoying. The taste of music is cherished by all ranging from a kid of eight years to an old octogenarian. Music is a healer, a soother and a revitalizer that rejuvenates the soul and motivates the body. Moreover, practically it is the only art form where we can get all the expressions of the human mind that is we can get music perfectly blended to our mind state at that instant. Be it on a journey, on a picnic, party, festival or anything it is music to which everyone adheres and connected emotionally and mentally.

Afrikaans music

Afrikaans music was primarily influenced by Dutch folk styles, along with French and German influences, in the early twentieth century. Zydeco-type string bands led by a concertina were popular, as were elements of American country music, especially Jim Reeves. Melodramatic and sentimental songs called trane trekkers (tear jerkers) were especially common. In 1996 the South African Music scene changed from the Tranetrekkers to more lively sounds and the introduction of new names in the market with the likes of Nádine, Kurt Darren and Nicolis Louw. Afrikaans music is currently one of the most popular and best selling industries on the South African music scene.

Afrikaans music saw a surge in new artists, album releases and sales after 2000. In 2004 an Afrikaans album (by balladeer Steve Hofmeyr was named best-selling album of the year. The massive purchasing power of the Afrikaner minority is partly to thank for this. In 2007 an Afrikaans song about Boer War general Koos de la Rey by Bok van Blerk became a hit amid fierce debate on whether it represented a call to arms for the reinstatement of Afrikaner rule or just expressed cultural nostalgia. While the boom in the Afrikaans pop industry has continued from the previous decade as the popularity of the arts festivals and dance halls have stayed strong, other Afrikaans music genres experienced a revival of sorts in the new millenium. Rock and alternative Afrikaans music had stagnated somewhat after the heady days of the "Voelvry" tour and the alternative movement. Signs of a revival could be found in the arrival of Karen Zoid on the music scene with her attention grabbing alternative sound.


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