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Karla Christene is a 22 year old singer from Bellville, Western Cape, South Africa. 

She started singing lessons at the age of 5 and won her first competition at the age 6.  She entered and won numerous singing competitions throughout the years until the last one she did in 2012 - which she won and was also overall winner of the competition.

In 2011 she launched her debut cd, “Amper Daar” (translated to "Nearly there").   It had her favourite cover songs as well as 4 originals on.  The song that became an immediate hit was “Blou-oog engel” (translated to "Blue eyed angel").  Her fans started calling her the “Blou-Oog Engel” – because of her beautiful blue eyes and loving, caring personality.

Karla Christene launched her 2nd CD - Eerste liefde (translate to "First love") on 7 March 2015. This was also the name of her tour to Belgium (18 - 30 March) where she will introduced the cd.  The title song was 9th on the HOSA Radio's Top100 for 2014.

Since 2012 Karla Christene is a full time/professional singer.  She shared the stage with many of South Africa's top performers i.e. Blackie Swart, Wynand & Cheree, Manie Jackson, Matt Hurter, Mark Haze and also most of the local super stars i.e. Desmond Wells, Hugo Nieuwoudt etc.

The most recent highlights of her career

·         Being nominated as "2014 Favourite Newcomer of the year" for the "Bokkie" awards that is hosted yearly by Bok Radio - the biggest Afrikaans radio station in Cape Town. 

·         Performing in Belgium & Netherlands in March 2015.

·         Commissioned to sing two Eurovision songs for the Euro covers compilation CD that was launched in May in Austria.

Karla Christene enjoys to sing all genres.  Her latest original "Eerste Liefde" has a Pop feel to it where "Blou-oog engel" and  "Black Tear" leans more towards the country side.  All her songs are playing on various radio stations and features in their weekly Top20.

Karla Christene is the ambassador for Happy Hearts Family Care Centre (NPO 132-007) since April 2014.  This is a non-profit organisations that assist with less fortunate children and elderly people.

With her unique appearance, beautiful strong voice and down-to-earth nature, Karla Christene is winning people's hearts where-ever she is performing.  Slowly but surely she is climbing the ladder of success.  Her motto is:  "I might not be where I want to be, but I am exactly where God wants me to be".  Her dream is to be an international pop star and make everyone of her hometown, Bellville, proud of her

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"Blou-oog Engel",  "Eerste liefde" & "Black Tear" are originals on my latest CD "Eerste Liefde".  Mamas Broken heart is my favourite coversong on the same cd.

The sample songs is from my cd i released in 2011.

To purchase my CD - sent a message at the CONTACT ME field

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