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Who is Your Great Afrikaanse Artists and Singers ?

Please Place you Votes Below the Page, Your Singer or Artist for the Month.

20 Great South African Artists and Singers have will be nominated by the Radio SAM MUSIC CLUB TEAM every month, Radio SAM MUSIC CLUB would like you to vote for who you think is Your Great Afrikaanse Artist and Singer for the Month.

Voting starts on every month beginning, and closes every month end, so make sure you get your vote in to help decide who is voted Your Great South African Artist or Singer for the Month!

Who is Your Great South African Artist or Singer for the Month?
This vote is available to all Visitors on Radio SAM MUSIC CLUB on Groups on Facebook , Google Blogspots and People around the World , Who Visit Radio SAM MUSIC CLUB Website.
The results and winner will be announced in a short series of programmes that will feature on Radio SAM MUSIC CLUB BROADCASTER AND FACEBOOK FEEDS on Radio SAM MUSIC CLUB radio station which will run from 2016.
You can also send your Votes to our Email
or on our Facebook group

 Top 6 Singers and Artists for this Month

Nicky De Kock

Bobby Van Jaarsveld

Lianie May

Elizma Theron


Ray Dylan

Arno Jordaan

Pieter Koen

Gerrie Pretorius


Willem Botha

Miri Lange

Clive Bruce

Karlien Van Jaarsveld

Gerhard Steyn


Cato Bekker


Adam Tas

Robbie Wessels

Joe Foster

Dewald Wasserfall

Kurt Darren


Riana Nel

Juanita Du Plessis


Theuns Jordaan


Steve Hofmeyr

Karla Christene


Andriette Norman

Nicholis Louw

Jak De Priester

Bok Van Blerk


Who do you Vote in Janaury 2016 as your Number 1 Singer?
Nicky De Kock 92,86%
Nadine 0%
Leah 0%
Riana Nel 2,38%
Lianie May 0%
Dewald Wasserfall 0%
Theuns Jordaan 0%
Bok Van Blerk 0%
Willem Botha 0%
Kurt Darren 0%
Ray Dylan 0%
Stev Hofmeyr 2,38%
Juanita Du Plessis 0%
karla Christene 0%
Jay 0%
Dozi 0%
Joe Foster 2,38%
Adam Tas 0%
Elizma Theron 0%
Karlien Van Jaarsveld 0%
42 Stimmen gesamt




Radio SAMS TEAM say Thankyou for your Votes

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