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Page is still under Contruction till 2016 .


Broadcasting Schedule - The Schedule is only planed for 2016 when Radio SAM Broadcast for Germany:

Op die Omlik Loop Die Auto Djs van 4 Radio Stasies.
We on Radio SAM: have 26 Radio Stations that you can Tune into from Germany,USA,Holland,Belguim and England.
Visit our Radio SAM World Wide Page.
2015 - 2016 Transmitter Plan.

Time Hour Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 2015 Countrys  
    Auto Dj Auto Dj Auto Dj Auto Dj Auto Dj Auto Dj Auto Dj   Germany  
                    South Africa  
Time Hour Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 2016 Country  
 19.00   Auto Dj Auto Dj  Auto Dj  Auto Dj  Dj Night Hawk
 Dj Night Hawk  Reserved 2016  Germany  
 20.00   Auto Dj Reserved  Auto Dj  Auto Dj  Dj Night Hawk
 Dj Night Hawk  Reserved 2016  Germany  
 21.00   Auto Dj Reserved  Auto Dj  Auto Dj  Dj Night Hawk
 Dj Night Hawk  Reserved 2016 Germany  
 22.00   Auto Dj   Auto Dj  Auto Dj  Auto Dj  Reserved  Reserved  Reserved 2016  Germany  
 24.00    AutoDj   Auto Dj  Auto Dj  Auto Dj  Reserved  Reserved   Auto Dj 2016  Germany  
 01.00  Till Auto Dj   Auto Dj  Auto Dj  Auto Dj  Reserved  Reserved   Auto Dj 2016  Germany  
18.00   Auto Dj   Auto Dj  Auto Dj  Auto Dj  Reserved  Reserved   Auto Dj 2016  Germany  

We Are looking as from 2016 Djs On Radio SAM-SOUTH AFRICAN MUSIC , for a Friday and Saturday Night .



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Windows Media Newer versions 11
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System requirements to stream

For flash stream, please install Adobe flash player on
Supported Operating System: Microsoft Windows & MAC.
Supported Browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari.(Please install the latest versions).
Please remember to check your volume setting before trying to access the stream! Enough dedicated Internet bandwidth is required to receive the stream – 32kbps is required for the stream.

Streaming on your mobile phone:

Radio SAM-SOUTH AFRICAN MUSIC is available on most streaming media applications available for your phones including  and more which are available on most smartphone platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Nokia.


As the Internet is not that reliable, the media player caches/buffers a few seconds of the stream before playing it to avoid interruptions of the live stream when bandwidth fluctuations occur on the used Internet connection. This way there are a few seconds worth of the stream to play if there’s a network problem. Should you loose the streaming connection, the media player will buffer for a few seconds before re-connecting.
If you are using a slow connection such as a dial-up modem to connect to the Internet, audio buffering or audio dropout may sometimes occur. Please try not to browse the Internet or download large files while you are streaming (as this reduces the available bandwidth of your connection). If you have a high-speed broadband Internet connection and your media player still buffers a lot, please contact us for further advise on
The streams cuts out and interrupts?

There are delays introduced by congestion on the Internet and sometimes by contention for use of your Internet connection. Unfortunately, there is not much that we can do to rectify this problem. If you are on a slow or shared office connection this may occur frequently due to high contention. Try accessing the stream during less busy periods, or use another Internet connection.
No audio
If the stream plays but there is no audio, check the media player and soundcard's volume (check that it is not muted). If you have excluded that the problem is at your end, it may well be that there is a problem with the audio source of the stream - in such case contact us on
Nothing happens when I click the ‘listen live’ link?

Most likely it's because you have a pop-up blocker installed. Please allow pop ups / temporary allow pop ups in your browser. It might also be that there is a firewall blocking the live stream - some companies set up proxies/firewalls that prevent access to external streaming sources. If this is the case, please contact the IT department of your company for assistance.

Contacting Radio SAM-SOUTH AFRICAN MUSIC support

Elaborate what seems to be the problem when accessing the stream.
Take a screen shot of your error.
Locate the 'Alt' and the 'Print Screen' Keys on your keyboard for Windows or 'cmd' and '4' on Mac OSx
Press and hold the Alt key and then press the 'Print Screen' key.
Open a Microsoft word document or any other graphical software.
Paste the screen shot into this window by right-clicking on your mouse and selecting the 'paste' option.
Save your document and email it to
AL DIE SKAKELS WERK VAN AF 2016 as Radio SAM UITSAAI op die Netwerk :

Om in te skakel gebruik die volgende skakels:

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