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 Our New E-mail in Germany
Our E-mail in Germany

What will be New and
Happing on Radio SAM SOUTH AFRICAN MUSIC and On Radio SAM MUSIC CLUB in 2016....
Number 1. Will be adding more South African Singers and Bands to our Websites and Blogspots.
Number 2. Will be advertiseing New Singers and Voteings every Month.
Number 3. Our Own Chatbox and all so have our own Newspaper.
Number 4. Will be advertiseing New Cds from New Stars from South Africa in Germany,Poland,Holland ,Belgium and New Zealand and will be working more together with their Managements what Advertiseing Concirns.
Number 5. And much more to Come in 2016, Like our own youtube Videos and as well be going on Tweeters.
Number 6.Most of all be Broadcasting live from Germany,South Africa and Poland, and Entertaining World wide, on 14 Websites running derect from Germany,Links derect to our Websites and Blogspots.

























As from 2016 on Radio SAM MUSIC CLUB











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