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Seven Single
  • Wrong number/ Don't worry
  • Seven letters/ 3.a.m
  • Wind me up/ Waltzing with sin
  • Looking back/ Pledging my love
  • Still/ Only as far as the door
  • Loneville/ Man walks among us
  • Hallo lover/ You gave me somebody to love
  • First love/ On Broadway
  • Little little Lulu/ Up on the roof
  • My own true love/ Heart
  • Hello operator/ Still
  • Take to the mountains/ Jody and the kid
  • Verlore liefde/ Tevrede
  • Oh Rosanna/ Yellow rose of Texas
  • Our precious love/ Star forcast
  • This house runs on sunshine/ Hanging over the border line
  • Mary-Anne/ How lonely are you bein'
  • Honderd jaar/ Wys die weg
  • Blue eyes cryin' in the rain/ Looking for a feeling
  • Hallo lief/ Gee my jou hand
  • Jy alleen/ Gee my jou hand
  • Verlange breek my hart/ Verlange breek my hart (instrumental: Lofty Schultze)
  • Mammy/ You
  • I loved 'em everyone/ Rock me to sleep
  • Are we in love/ 500 hundred miles away from home
  • Nice 'n easy/ Nice 'n easy (promotional pressing)
  • She can't say that anymore/ Old flame



Barbara Ray

Songs From The Attic .
1. Golden Anniversary
2. The Bird That Never Flew
3. The Fire's Still Burning
4. Republic Of South Africa
5. Cry, Cry Again
6. Diesel Called The Flame
7. Where'd I Come From?
8. He Used To Sing To Me
9. More Than Words Can Tell
10. Blue Side Of Lonesome
11. I See Heaven In You
12. Marbles
13. Ballade Vir 'n Enkeling
14. Hello Little Bluebird
15. Till I Can Make It On My Own
16. This White Circle
17. Unfaithful
18. What's Made Milwaukee Famous
19. Love Me Love Me
20. Traveler's Theme
21. There Goes My Everything
22. Cindy Ann
23. Eleven Roses
24. Spirit In The Sky
25. The Leaving Of Liverpool

Barbara Ray had her first hit is South Africa in 1970 and for the last 42 years she's been known as the Queen of Country. The list of hits she's had during her career proves that she's got the Country music x-factor. For her latest CD release she went back to the attic to find and record 25 of those forgotten but well loved Country songs. This CD reminds us what Barbara Ray's magic can add to a collection of songs. Not only will her fans love this CD for her voice and the well selected repertoire, they also get exceptional value for money as this CD offers no less than 25 songs!

Great South African Performers . 
2. In The Middle Of The Night
3. As Usual
4. Dance On
5. The Rainbow In Daddy's Eyes
6. To Daddy
7. Bo-Jangle Island
8. Funny Face
9. Silver Threads And Golden Needles
10. Teddy Bear Song
11. Bedtime Story
12. Happy Birthday Baby
13. I Don't Wanna Play House
14. Jambalaya
15. Serenade Of The Bells
16. Wild Side Of Life
17. Audio clip

SA Country Gold .
1. Too Old To Die Young
2. Wolverton Mountain
3. Down The Mississippi
4. Valley Of The Moon
5. The Last One To Touch Me
6. I Don't Wanna Play House
7. Delta Dawn
8. Who's Gonna Tie My Shoes
9. If Only This Old World Could Be At Peace
10. Paper Roses
11. Waltzing Maria
12. The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
13. Child Support
14. Loving Arms Of Tennessee
15. A Little Peace
16. My Homeland
17. I'm Gonna Be A Country Girl Again
18. Joey
19. Medals For Mothers
20. Wrong Road Again
21. What Part Of "No" Don't You Understand?
22. Childhood Memories
23. Silver & Gold
24. Jesus Is Coming
25. God Forgive Me

met Lance James

Somewhere Between .
1. Somewhere Between
2. Kom Terug Na My
3. Just Because I'm A Woman
4. Wild Side Of Life
5. No Charge
6. Barbara Ray Medley: Down The Mississippi; Silver Threads And Golden Needles; Funny Face ...
7. My Kind Of Woman, My Kind Of Man
8. On My Mind
9. Blanket On The Ground
10. A Million Tears
11. Everybody's Angel
12. Forever And Ever
13. My Best Friend
14. Hy Wil Jou Vrede Gee

Down In The Mississippi - 20 Greatest Hits .
1. Down The Mississippi
2. Valley Of The Moon
3. Delta Dawn
4. Wolverton Mountain
5. Waltzing Maria
6. The Last One To Touch Me
7. If Only
8. I Don't Wanna Play House
9. Wrong Road Again
10. Medals For Mothers
11. Loving Arms Of Tennessee
12. Beer Drinkin' Song
13. I'm Gonna Be A Country Girl Again
14. Child Support
15. Paper Roses
16. Childhood Memories
17. Who's Gonna Tie My Shoes
18. The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
19. My Homeland
20. God Forgive Me

Paper Roses .
1. What Part Of "No" Don't You Understand?
2. A Little Peace
3. Paper Roses
4. I'd Like To Make That Same Mistake Again
5. My Beloved Son
6. Country Medley:
It Must Be Love; Tulsa Time; Louisiana Saturday Night
7. I Don't Wanna Play House
8. Don't We All Have
The Right
9. Bee Gees Medley:
Words; First Of May; Don't Forget To Remember
10. Nie Lank Gelede
(Hier In My Droom)
11. Too Old To Die Young
12. Nobody's Child
13. Joey
14. The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
15. Silver & Gold
16. Jesus Is Coming

The Forgotten Years
1. Streets Of London
2. Blackboard Of My Heart
3. Delta Dawn
4. Cheatin' Is
5. Dance With Me Tonight
6. I'm Not Lisa
7. You're A Dream
8. At The Time
9. Crying
10. California Rose
11. Tiny Bubbles
12. The First Time
13. Have I Told You Lately
That I Love You
14. Musical Chairs
15. Here I Am Again
16. Wolverton Mountain
17. Peace (The Meaning
Of Christmas)
18. Singing In The Kitchen
19. Who's Gonna Tie My Shoes
20. Angel
21. Me And Bobby McGee
22. Forget Me Not
23. Louisiana Saturday Night
24. Would You Lay With Me
(In A Field Of Stone)
25. Medals For Mothers

Barbara Ray .
1. Love To Remember
2. I Can't Help It
3. Brass Buckles
4. The Last One To Touch Me
5. Take Me To Your World
6. Teddy Bear Song
7. Satin Sheets
8. As Usual
9. Blanket On The Ground
10. I Can't Cry Anymore
11. The Last Time I Saw Him
12. A Place In My Heart

Barbara Ray is one of South Africa's most famous country singers. Not only did she appear on CD with some of the country's best singers like Lance James, but when Steve Hofmeyr did his revival of old South African legends called "Toeka 2", Barbara Ray was one of those fortunate to be included in the compilation.

The Heart & Soul Of Barbara Ray 2CD .
Disk 1:

1. Like I Do
2. Happy Birthday Baby
3. Silver Threads And Golden Needles
4. I Don't Wanna Play House
5. Wild Side Of Life
6. Blackboard Of My Heart
7. Valley Of The Moon
8. Bo-Jangle Island
9. Divorce
10. Serenade Of The Bells
11. Mary Brown
12. Lonely Comin' Down
13. Jambalaya
14. Over And Over
15. Dance On
16. Who's Gonna Tie My Shoes
17. To Be A Child Again
18. I Need You
19. Funny Face
20. Single Girl
21. I'm Gonna Be A Country Girl Again
22. Island Of Dreams
23. Joey
24. Take These Chains From My Heart
25. Let Me Be There
26. Sad Movies
Disk 2:
1. As Usual
2. Teddy Bear Song
3. To Daddy
4. The Last One To Touch Me
5. Ragged Angel
6. Somebody Loves You
7. The Rainbow In Daddy's Eyes
8. Let The Big Wheels Roll
9. Bedtime Story
10. In the Middle of the Night
11. After The Fire Is Gone met Lance James
12. Womanhood
13. The Greatest Christmas Gift met Bobby Angel
14. Mississippi
15. Payin' My Dues Again
16. Me And Bobby McGee
17. I'm Not Lisa
18. The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
19. Wolverton Mountain
20. Made For Each Other
21. Sayonara
22. Down The Mississippi
23. I Never Knew The Devil's Eyes Were Blue
24. What's Wrong With The Way We're Doing It Now
25. Voices met Bobby Angel

Crying In The Rain - Best Of Vol. 2 .
- More Greatest Hits

met Lance James

After The Fire Is Gone .

Working Man  1996

Let Me Be There .
1. Let Me Be There
2. Silver Threads And Golden Needles
3. Divorce
4. Funny Face
5. I Don't Wanna Play House
6. Who's Gonna Tie My Shoes
7. Like I Do
8. I Need You
9. Johnny Love
10. Let The Big Wheels Roll
11. Honky Tonk Angels
12. Turn Around
13. Smokey Town
14. Bedtime Story
15. Mary Brown
16. I Can't Help It
17. Blanket On The Ground
18. A Place In My Heart
19. Womanhood
20. Sweet Music Man
21. To Be A Child Again
22. Single Girl
23. Take These Chains From My Heart
24. Valley Of The Moon
25. Blackboard Of My Heart
26. Bo Jangle Island
met Bobby Angel

Voices .
1. Wasn't That Love
2. Just Someone I Used To Know
3. The One I Always Wanted To Love
4. The Beginning
5. The Bedroom
6. Can I See You Tonight
7. Voices
8. I Can't Stop The Tears
9. Someone Just Like You
10. The Wedding Song
11. Let's Fan The Flame
12. That's What Made Me Love You

Sings Country Classics LP ............. 1985 EMI
Side One:
1. Louisiana Saturday Night
2. The Sweetest Thing
3. Who's Gonna Tie My Shoes
4. Blue Side Of Lonesome
5. Have I Told You Lately
6. Me And Bobby McGee
Side Two:
1. I Never Knew The Devil's Eyes Were Blue
2. You Light Up My Life
3. Wolverton Mountain
4. When A Child Is Born
5. It's Been A Blue Blue Day
6. Ode To Billy Joe









The legends of South African country music are uniting with the new generation on 28 June this year in one of the largest country shows ever, COUNTRY LEGENDS AND FRIENDS, to be held in the Carnival City Big Top Arena. The legends Lance James, Barbara Ray, Bobby Angel, Matt Hurter and Tommy Dell will join their friends Alan Ladd, Cheree, JJ Stephens and Jason Bradley in an extravaganza that will confirm these artists once again as legends and legends-to-be.

Frans Swart, producer of the Country Legends Show at Carnival City, says he always knew that country music was still very popular in South Africa. "However, the runaway success of the previous two COUNTRY LEGENDS shows and the support of the public surprised even me it was wonderful to have Country Legends sold out weeks ahead of time, and it was an incredible production. Combining the legends with the new voices in the industry was simply the logical next step."

Lance James and Barbara RayLance James has more than 60 albums to his name, the worst of which was recorded way back in the 60s already! Lance is known as the Big Daddy of South African country music and has received many awards during his career of almost 50 years. The ATKV dubbed him "a living icon", and Vonk magazine recently gave him a "Lifetime Achievement" for his contribution to the South African music industry.

Lance also recorded various albums with Queen of Country Barbara Ray. Barbara emigrated fron Scotland to South Africa in die mid-60s, and has since become a household name. Twenty-two of her albums went gold, and she won many awards for her contribution to country music. Barbara is especially well-known for her hits "I don"t wanna play house" and "Down the Mississippi", and also tours with one of SA"s other great country legends, Bobby Angel.

Bobby Angel has been known as the King of Country since he took the music world by storm with his 1975 hit, "You ask me to". Many more hits followed, and his latest release, "Wals van die lewe", confirmed Bobby"s status as evergreen musician.

Jason BradleyTommy Dell, also known as The Killer, and Sally Vaughn represented South Africa in Nashville in 1984. The main singer of the Elvis group The Jordanaires was highly impressed with Dell"s work: "I"ve never seen a singer from another country command so much respect from an audience". No wonder, since nine of Tommy"s albums went gold ... while "Teddy Bear" and "Little Rosa" earned this artist double golden awards.

Matt Hurter has been well-known in the South African country music industry for 40 years now. He is the current president of the South African Country Music Association and it was he who founded the SA Country Farm and managed it for 11 years. Matt is working on a new album at the moment, a large part of which will be music he himself wrote.

Alan Ladd was born in Lusaka, Zambia, in 1966. He and his 12 brothers and sisters (among whom was the legendary singer, Kupido) emigrated to South Africa in 1976. Ten years later, he recorded his first "seven single", with one of his own songs, Daddy, also on it. He attained great success as singer/songwriter in the years that followed, and his last two albums were released in 2006. The first, The Country Gospel CD, reached platinum status within two months, and sold more than 44 500 copies. The second, My Hart Klop Country, sold more than 37 000 copies within four months.

Cheree is well-known in the local contemporary market. Her versatility and talent can be seen from her recent double album, "Country Girl", as she sings the music of her heart on this new CD! Chere"s love of country music - both old and new - inspired this project. Cheree has been nominated for a SAMA award this year, for her country album, "Country Girl", and at the beginning of 2008 this country girl was crowned Radio IFM"s Country Singer of the Year.



CD One: Dark lonely streets (recorded with the Giants)/ Come back to me/ Somebody's smiling/ Ginny come lately/ 500 miles away from home/ Miller's cave/ Still/ Hello operator/ Wind me up/ Waltzing with sin/ 3 a.m./ Love minus zero/The land of milk and honey/ Let it be me/ The Rattler/ Time and the river/ Hello lover/ Lazy life/ Melody fayre/ Abergavenny/ We're all playing in the same band/ Papa's gonna kiss it better/ Lovely Lorraine/ Dream lover/ Hello-a/Take to the mountains/ Joey the lipstick collector/ Hey girl/ I hear those churchbells ringing/ I am what I am

CD Two: Liefde is my nooi se naam/ Sing a song/ Do you love me?/ Hazy hazy/ Our sweet precious love/ Hanging over the border line/ She can't say that anymore/ I loved 'em everyone/ Wings of a dove/ Mama sang a song/ Whispering hope/ El Salvador/ He (can build a mountain)/ The sun ain't gonna shine anymore/ Substitute/ My ship is coming/ Dream on/ Tiny bubbles/ There won't be anymore/ Spanish Harlem/ Only love can show the way/ Let theheartaches begin/ Hands/ One friend/ Time stood still






















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